Web Porting

Powersim Software collaborates with MAS Consulting for systems integration and web-porting.
MAS Consulting’s Partnership with Powersim Software is a value adding element. The relationship between MAS and Powersim is more than a simple "Reseller" partnership.
MAS Consulting, thanks to the experience gained over the years, can be defined globally as the global leader in the implementation of client-server applications (windows forms and web based) that encapsulate Powersim Model as simulation engine.
A client-server application gives to your system several benefits:
  • Shared business logics for the enterprise
  • Scenarios managements
  • Shared simulation rules
  • Use the tool in different offices and on different devices
  • Keep track of different output
  • Use of permission for log in
  • Access audit and users’ actions tracking
  • Archive the work of several users
  • Shared repository for users’ simulations and enterprise data
  • Compare simulations and results between various users and offices
  • Business-driven Planning vs. Traditional Planning

To learn more about Client server and Web Application download the presentationPresentation.
Are you interested in migration of a simulation model to a shared environment? For more informations write to info@masconsulting.co.nz or call +64 22 3690326.

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Web Porting


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