About MAS Consulting

About MAS

About MAS
MAS Consulting
MAS Consulting is a management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company. MAS Consultings are specialized in the development of simulation models. MAS Consulting support its clients to achieve the best performance.

Our Offer

We offer practical support for strategic decisions. We provide our clients with a flexible and reactive service, based on the personal skills and the distinctive competences of each of our consultings. We adopt a structured approach to problem solving, we consider all points of view and possible alternatives, before proceeding with the proposal.

How we work

We analyze the requirements and expectations of the customer before switching to the high-level design of the solution. We develop and test the solution until its release, we support users throughout the project. We come to better answers in teams than as individuals. So we do not compete against each other. Instead, we share a structured problem-solving approach, where all opinions and options are considered, researched, and analyzed carefully before recommendations are made.

We believe that our success depends on the success of our customers. We believe that professionalism should be the basis of our work. This means for us:
  • Provide the best service
  • Put the client's interests above our
  • Always say what we think, even if they disagree with the client
For more informations write to info@masconsulting.co.nz or call +64 22 3690326.

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